Internal Medicine & Diabetes Clinic
Dr. Tanweer ul Hoda, M.D. MBBS (DOW), DABIM (USA)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
• Preventive Medicine Health Screening & Education
• General Internal Medicine • Diabetes Management & Education

Consulting the Doctor during these days

We are having clinics these days at all usual locations. You can find the clinic locations, timings and contact info in the "Clinic Locations" button in navigation bar. 

If you want to consult online rather than coming to the clinic, this website is specially designed for that pupose. Please click on the "Online Consutation / Appointment" button for that. If you are having any problmes in the payment / appt process on this website, please email at and we can provide you the required info for online fee transfer - then you can whatsapp the online transfer receipt to the provided number and have whatsapp video consultation with the doctor.

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