Internal Medicine & Diabetes Clinic
Dr. Tanweer ul Hoda, M.D. MBBS (DOW), DABIM (USA)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
• Preventive Medicine Health Screening & Education
• General Internal Medicine • Diabetes Management & Education

Doctor's Home Visit...

If you are unable to leave home and go to the doctor's office ..

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Preventive Medicine and Health Maintenance

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of emphasis on Preventive Medicine in Pakistan. Most patients ..

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Diabetic Education

Diabetes is one of the most (personally) taxing medical conditions that a person can have. ..

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Electronic Medical Records

At Internal Medicine & Diabetes Clinic, we maintain your visit related infomation and your ..

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After Clinic Hours Service / Availability of Doctor

We don't like to abandon our patients after a visit to the clinic. ..

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To be Added...


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