Internal Medicine & Diabetes Clinic
Dr. Tanweer ul Hoda, M.D. MBBS (DOW), DABIM (USA)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
• Preventive Medicine Health Screening & Education
• General Internal Medicine • Diabetes Management & Education

Diabetic Education

Diabetes is one of the most (personally) taxing medical conditions that a person can have. It requires you to do constant, daily and ongoing monitoring and adjustment of so many things (...for life !).

You need to watch what you are eating different times of the day - what to eat, what not to eat, how much ? (every day...), exercise regularly (what kind, what time, how much?), watch your weight / how to lose weight if needed.

 You need to keep checking your sugar to make sure its in control. You need to understand how different medicines, what you eat and your physical activity  - can effect your sugar levels - and then adjust things accordingly.

You need to maintain a chart of your sugar readings (of course this can be done only if you are checking your sugar frequently as directed by your doctor).

If you are on insulin, then all of the above gets more intense and taxing... with more frequent sugar monitoring and adjustment of insulin doses.

You need to watch out for possible complcation of diabetes - so thay they can be addressed and "nipped in  the bud" if possible. 

All of it - makes it difficult for you. That's why we try to have you sit down with a Diabetic Educator - who can guide you with all of the above. 

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