Internal Medicine & Diabetes Clinic
Dr. Tanweer ul Hoda, M.D. MBBS (DOW), DABIM (USA)
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
• Preventive Medicine Health Screening & Education
• General Internal Medicine • Diabetes Management & Education

After Clinic Hours Service / Availability of Doctor

We don't like to abandon our patients after a visit to the clinic. Hence Dr. Tanweer ul Hoda is available to his patients on his cell number / whatsapp after a visit - in case there is a side effect from any medicine, abnormal reuslt/s that the doctor needed to know or you have a question related to the visit, treatment, ect.

We also like to help out patients and answer their quick questions in between visits or give advise on simple things on phone - things that do not require a personal visit to the clinic.

But please respect your doctor's time! Just to save your time and some money (if you have your doctor's contact number) do not try to get easy consultations on phone / whatsapp when your situation or issue requires a proper visit to the doctor. Do not send many Lab reports on whatsapp (unless asked by the doctor) as it burdens the cell phone and your doctor. Understand that you are NOT THE ONLY ONE - there are hundreds / thouands of patients that your doctor is taking care of. If many people are doing this, how can your doctor cope with all of those messages, reports and questions on phone / whatsapp from many different patients. It's not possible and it's not right. Your doctor has a life too and has to do many other things in life.

Since covid-19, many doctors have started online consultations on websites and whatsapp video. If you want to be seen / consulted online, ask your doctor for a proper online consultation appointment / time.


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